appRules® is a next generation software for: data migration, application integration, business process automation, data cleansing and business rules execution.

Based on Windows Workflow Foundation, appRules® uses workflow activities to compose solutions and provides a user-friendly drag and drop design approach to deliver a solution which supports the non-technical users right through to advanced developers. appRules® has over 80 connectors to a host of business applications, including: CRM, ERP and accounting solutions as well as connectors to social media, big data, spreadsheets, files and both on-premise and cloud hosted databases. See image below for list of connectors.

appRules® is a collaborative suite that allows users to compose and orchestrate powerful no-code solutions. However, for complex orchestrations, appRules® allows you to write your own expressions and extension functions in C# or VB for unrivalled extensibility.   Once any workflow has been defined you can even deploy and run it anywhere using our appRules® runtime license.

appRules®  is licensed per developer and available for a 30 day free trial.

appRules® Connecting Numerous Data Sources

appRules® has been designed to automate repeatable processes and reduce or remove the high dependency on skilled expensive and scarce IT/Data Management resources.  Using appRules® will help to speed up and reduce the risk for any data integration, data migration or data quality project.  Using appRules® you will benefit from:

  • Ease of use – no code required, however, if you wish to extend appRules® both C# and VB are at your disposal
  • Rapid deployment – using our pre-built integration points for leading CRM & ERP applications, databases and enterprise solutions including SharePoint and Active Directory
  • Consolidate applications – our broad capabilities mean you can replace multiple applications which might integrate, migrate, monitor and perform business rules or data quality tasks with one product, appRules®
  • Re-use – our open architecture means you can re-use proven code and integrate into any API’s or with ease, saving development and testing time
  • Reduce risks – using our proven, iterative data migration methodology which has been successfully in multiple customer projects, risks are mitigated
  • Lower costs – our deployment options with the Express runtime licenses ensure our software is affordable, delivers a rapid ROI and hence reduced time to value
  • High performance – guarantees your long running tasks can be performed fast and bottlenecks reduced