appCompass Visual Studio Edition (VSE)

appCompass Visual Studio Edition (VSE)

appStrategy’s appCompass Data Integration Studio – Visual Studio Edition is the only enterprise-scale data integration development environment that “snaps” into Microsoft Visual Studio – the IDE that is used by over ten million developers around the world.



  • Built on Windows Workflow Foundation to “snap” into Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 or higher.
  • Includes hundreds of out-of-the-box workflow activities for rapid development of data migration and integration projects .
  • Includes the same editors provided for business users in appCompass Data Integration Studio .
  • Shares the same project database as other appStrategy products .
  • Can be extended by users through custom activity modules .
  • Can be extended using custom functions .
  • External Functions support calls to existing applications .
  • Integrates with existing applications .
  • Supports conversion and exporting of projects developed by business users into Visual Studio projects. .
  • Supports conversion and importing of Visual Studio projects developed by technical users into the shared project database. .
  • Supports shared access to project artifacts .


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