Enterprise Edition

The Enterprise edition is our flagship edition – the same edition used by our Platinum partners and Enterprise customers.

appCompass Enterprise edition starts with the functionality offered by the Professional Edition and adds enterprise features to deliver the most powerful automation, integration and migration suite on the market.

appCompass Data Integraion Studio Enterprise Edition


  • Includes the appCompass High Performance IO option for processing high volume integration and migration loads.
  • Includes a full suite of management and automation workflow activities.
  • The appCompass Enterprise Edition employs over 792 workflow activities packaged in 38 appModules.
  • Includes functionality to run or schedule workflows.
  • Stores workflows in the Compact Edition and/or enterprise database repositories.
  • Supports check-in/check-out of project databases.
  • Collaborative environment that supports multiple developers working on the same project database.
  • Workflows can be scheduled or run on the development machine.


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